Attention video fells Dirty Donald

Attention video fells Dirty Donald

World October 9, 2016 09:39

- Donald Trump has to fight to keep his campaign alive. Americans love a good comeback story. But it is a very tough job for the real estate tycoon to get out of the storm, where he is now routed.

The 70-year-old Republican needs tonight in the second presidential TV debate hard at work to turn the tide. He was often under fire. But by the Washington Post leaked video appears to drop into a series of riots and controversies.

The movie, which makes big impact in the US, eleven years ago. Trump will be a bus to the set of TV soap opera Days of our Lives as he that day was to play a guest role. He shall, without realizing it turned the microphone, an interview with presenter Billy Bush (a nephew of former President George Bush who is in show business).

Trump boasts and has plenty of misogynistic comments. If he sees an actress waiting for him, reports the businessman- just married to a woman who is pregnant- 'take a Tic Tac in case I start to kiss her. '

The comments go on and on. But what America most about fall is that he proposes as a TV star to come along anywhere away until women 'engaging their pussy' to it.

A series of party members now let him fall also in their own interests for their political careers.

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