'Athens ready to take back asylum seekers'

'Athens ready to take back asylum seekers'

World December 8, 2016 11:09

brussels - The asylum system in Greece has been enhanced to EU countries asylum-seekers who can send back gradually transits from March 15, 2017. They must, however, significantly more migrants from Greece to bring over. The recommendation made by the European Commission on Thursday.

Asylum seekers should not be returned to Greece since 2011. The European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice banned because the Greek asylum system showed systematic failures.

The Greeks have already made significant improvements, the Committee proposes that found that vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors can not be returned. Athens, however, still needs to make progress before being readmitted to the so-called Dublin system. That requires that asylum applications are processed in the country of arrival.

Last year immigrants were traveling en masse from Greece to other European countries. Then introduced border controls in many countries. Countries such as Germany, Austria and Denmark want to again only raise when people can return to Greece again.

Although there are refugees since the deal between the EU and Turkey far less migrants to Greece, the country is still under great pressure. Because the route across the Balkans virtually closed to richer parts of Europe, down 62 000 migrants more or less fixed in Greece.

To relieve Greece, other EU countries up to now more than 6200 people let happen according redistribution agreements in 2015. Brussels wants to be 2,000 per month, double the current number. In April 3000 there should be, according to the commission, otherwise the recommendation that asylum seekers can be returned revocation.

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