Astronaut space breaks record

Astronaut space breaks record

World March 31, 2017 05:03

houston - Astronaut Peggy Whitson Thursday broke a record space. They argued, as the first woman ever space walk for the eighth time out. Whitson went more than seven hours of the Space Station to perform some maintenance.

The spacewalk was not quite right. She had to attach a heat shield to the ISS, but it slipped away and Zweede in space. It runs now in orbit around the earth. The shield of 1.62 meters by 59 centimeters poses no threat to the space station. Eventually it will burn up in the atmosphere.

Whitson makes next week a spacewalk. In June, she returned to Earth in hands with a new record: no American, male or female, has ever been so long in space. Moreover Whitson (57) is the oldest woman ever in space.

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