Assistant veterinarian poisons his own dog

Assistant veterinarian poisons his own dog

World August 28, 2017 08:39

glasgow - A 28-year-old animal clinician's assistant appears to have injected her own healthy dog ​​every day with insulin.

The two-year-old cocker spaniel Florence got accidents and floated on the verge of death, but survived the net.

Owner Georgina Bretman had to answer to court for this rare form of animal abuse.

The clinic's clinic in Glasgow regularly brought her deadly dog ​​to work. Florence always had the same symptoms. The veterinarians stood for a riddle.

Blood test tubes disappeared after Georgina said she would hand the samples at the lab herself. Eventually, she fell through the basket by a trained veterinarian of the clinic.

The prosecutor named Georgina for the judge an 'attention seeker'. Bretman told the court that she only wanted medical treatment for her dog; And that she never injected insulin. 'It was my buddy,' she says in the Daily Mirror.

With Florence, who got another boss, things are going well now.

The verdict is about a month. Georgina charges a year's cell or a fine of up to 22,000 euros.

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