As the world travels, Kim Jong-un celebrates the party

As the world travels, Kim Jong-un celebrates the party

World July 5, 2017 14:57

pyongyang - While the world watches for what could possibly lead to a third world war, North Korea celebrates a party. The country reported on a triumphant tone this week with an impressive triumphant show, Pyongyang has reported that the country has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit any place in the world. Pyongyang did that in a festive additional news broadcast on state television, preceded by patriotic songs and images of different types of missiles.

Both the US and China have responded with horror to the latest rocket test. According to North Korea, the projectile can reach an altitude of 2800 kilometers and reach a distance of 1000 kilometers. Although the Russians and Americans who have referred reading to the country of fables on Tuesday, the call for an attack on the regime is becoming increasingly louder.

Meanwhile, dictator Kim Jong-un celebrates. On the propaganda photos of the North Korean state press office, the launch is from moment to moment. Photos of a happy young man in a military d├ęcor are all but rare, but give a look at the country that may indeed become a nuclear power.


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