As jailbreak for iPhone iOS 7 and 10

As jailbreak for iPhone iOS 7 and 10

Tech September 23, 2016 06:42

- The iPhone 7 is less than a week on the market and iOS 10 is only nine days available, but now there's been a jailbreak. Italian Luca Todesco hacker claiming opposite Motherboard only 24 hours to have needed. The bugs which he used to gain access to the system, however, he keeps secret.

Todesco, a famous jail breaker line which goes by the name qwertyoruiop through life, but argued that Apple has made it harder to jailbreak the iPhone 7. '' The iPhone 7 is a step in the right direction. Obviously, \'he is not 100 percent safe, but nothing is. ''

To convince Motherboard Todesco made a movie of his iPhone 7. Then he shows that he has root access, the deepest level of access, and in fact the entire phone can take over.

Every time it comes out hackers who try to break software as soon as possible a new version of iOS. Through this so-called jailbreak can they run software on the phone that Apple does not allow in the App Store.

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