Arrests attempt to fire stabbing rover

Arrests attempt to fire stabbing rover

World December 27, 2016 12:54

berlin - A group of seven young people aged 15 to 21 years, has been arrested because they were involved in the fire stabbing of a homeless man in the subway station in Berlin. The German OM's see if they can be charged with attempted murder. Reported Bild.

The young man of 21, is the prime suspect, according to Bild. He was arrested on the night of Monday to Tuesday. The others were a day earlier caught. Most of them are known to the police. The young Syrian or Libyan roots. Getting caught using video images are the young people.

The group crossed the evening of Christmas Day Swagger on his clothes when he was sleeping. Controlled by intervention by eyewitnesses remained the man unharmed. A driver saw the incident happen, ran with a fire extinguisher on every now and could prevent worse. The perpetrators then fled, a metro. But they did not realize they were recorded on the cameras of the subway station.

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