Armored cars protect Christmas market Budapest

World December 17, 2017 20:12

budapest - Armored cars from the Hungarian anti-terrorist unit TEK were rolled into Budapest on Sunday to protect the Christmas markets in the capital against attacks. The state television showed images of heavily armed vehicles that occupied strategic positions on Vörösmarty Square.

'The aim of the measure is to have a demonstration in place, which gives the population a sense of security in the current situation', said the Ministry of the Interior. A TV reporter reported that tourists photographed themselves for the war material.

In Hungary, the risk of terrorism is very small. The country has virtually no immigrants with an Islamic background and shields themselves from asylum seekers. The opposition rejects the deployment of armored cars by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the eve of Christmas as unnecessary and nonsensical. 'Orbán's idiotry in full splendor', the critical journalist János Széky described the propaganda stunt. ' Amused tourists make selfies ''.

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