Arab kills pregnant Jewish girlfriend to ask for Palestinian prisoners

Arab kills pregnant Jewish girlfriend to ask for Palestinian prisoners

World August 2, 2017 14:33

holon - The Arab friend of a Jewish woman has admitted his pregnant girlfriend (29) had strangled her head with stones to release 'Palestinian prisoners.' Michal Halimi, 29, had been missing for months when her mutilated body was found in Israeli Holon.

At the end of May, the police were informed about her loss. Halimi turned out to be pregnant and found to be married to another man. It is unclear who the child's father is.

'The missing woman had left her husband voluntarily. Apparently, she stayed with a young Palestinian man from Nablus with whom she had a relationship, 'the police told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday. 'The two seemed to be engaged to each other. He was arrested because there were questions about his stay during her absence. '

This Palestinian man, Muhammad Harouf, admitted that the two had regular contact. From hearing it turned out that the two had a relationship and had seen each other on the day they disappeared in Holon.

After a time, Harouf admitted that he had killed Michal. Her body was found on July 24th. 'According to his version of the story, he met her in Holon, wurged her and stoned her. Then he moved the body and left her in her car to liberate Palestinian prisoners, 'said the police. How he wanted to accomplish that with her death is not clear.

According to Israeli watchdog Yad L'Achim, the police were not quick enough to investigate and took it too long before the victim's family was diagnosed. They only arrived a few hours before it became known in the media, according to the watchdog.

Harouf was arrested on suspicion of murder. He will appear later in court.

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