'Appointment Selmayr must be reconsidered'

'Appointment Selmayr must be reconsidered'

World April 18, 2018 11:45

strasbourg - The 'flash appointment' of Martin Selmayr as the highest official of the European Commission can not pass. A large majority of the European Parliament (464 against 205) asked the committee to reconsider the appointment of the Secretary-General.

The appointment was very similar to a coup, judged the parliament in a resolution voted in Strasbourg. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker arranged for his then chief of staff in February that he could succeed the Dutchman Alexander Italianer as of 1 March because Italianer retired unexpectedly.

Paul Tang (PvdA): 'This affair has damaged the confidence of citizens in the EU. All internal procedures, including in the European Parliament, must be reviewed. Appointments must be transparent and there must be no room for nepotism. '

Juncker has said before that he will not ask Selmayr to leave.

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