Apple iPhone is possible with waterproof '

Apple iPhone is possible with waterproof '

Tech December 14, 2015 10:14

- Apple will be possible in the near future with an iPhone that is water resistant. According to Apple has filed a patent on a technology that should prevent the connection ports on iPhones fill with water. Conscious patent would, moreover, have already been submitted last year.

Through the gates covering it with a self-healing elastomer could connect their headphones for example, users by puncturing the material. When removing the headphones should restore the material itself again. Apple would like to see this technology protected. Rumors of a waterproof iPhone do the rounds for some time, but Apple would want to communicate only over here if the technology works 100 percent sure.

More companies are incidentally made ​​waterproof smartphones. But in many cases, the material must be the connection ports protected against water or dirt to be removed manually, says Tweakers. just.

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