Apple has Withings gadgets shops

Apple has Withings gadgets shops

Tech December 27, 2016 08:57

cupertino - Apple has all health gadgets Withings from its own online store achieved as a result of the lawsuits that Nokia filed suit earlier this week against the tech giant. That reports MacRumors. Withings is a subsidiary of Nokia.

Apple is currently using Nokia engaged in a number of patent lawsuits. The two tech companies joined in 2011 after a previous legal battle an agreement which arrangements were made for the Apple-use of Nokia patents. It now appears Nokia has transferred five patents on so-called patent trolls. These are companies that attempt to do nothing but money from companies through which to sue over alleged patent infringement.

According to MacRumors products Withings are now nowhere to be found. French accessory maker, which earlier this year acquired by Nokia, will include scales, blood pressure monitors and baby monitors that communicate with smartphones and fitness trackers.

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