Apple defends encryption chat services

Apple defends encryption chat services

Tech December 22, 2015 16:35

- IPhone manufacturer Apple in recent weeks come under attack by authorities in Britain and America because the homeland include iMessage- and FaceTime messages encrypted. Intelligence agencies require so they can intercept messages a 'back door', but Apple believes that a bad idea.

         Including in the US television program 60 Minutes has executive Tim Cook made a plea against the introduction of these so-called backdoors. 'The reality is that if you build in a backdoor, the backdoor by authorities can be used as the bad guys,' says Cook.
'I do not believe in the exchange of privacy for national security. That is a simplistic vision. This is America, we need to have both, 'said Apple CEO continued.
In Britain, the company has expressed in writing to the parliament to introduce a law that obliges companies to build in back doors so that such intelligence service GCHQ can intercept messages.

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