Apple and Google supports Microsoft

Apple and Google supports Microsoft

Tech September 5, 2016 08:54

- Microsoft has quite gotten some support in the fight against a law that would prohibit to reveal data requests from the government. Include Apple, Google, BP, Washington Post, Amazon and the American Chamber of Commerce supports Microsoft in the lawsuit against the US government, reports Reuters.

Microsoft does, like its competitors, controlled access to the data requests received by the company. Thus for example, shows how often the government information about Microsoft users requesting the Windows Maker. As far as the US government, companies may in future nothing more to report on data requests from 'Washington', but Microsoft is as thoroughly disagree.

The company is against the law in the gun at a federal court in Seattle. According to Microsoft, the law violates the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. It states that citizens have to be informed of the law if the government takes private property. According to Microsoft's data such property. Furthermore, the tech giant claims that the cover up of information requests is contrary to the freedom of expression.
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