App builders challenged

App builders challenged

Tech May 17, 2017 08:12

naples - App developer is a profession that did not exist ten years ago. Now it is the cornerstone of a growing industry. The demand for good education increases. IPhone maker Apple hopes to speed up the professionalization of this demand for education with the App Developer Academy, born from the collaboration with Federico II University in Naples.

The training is an intensive, nine-month course. He is open to anyone who wishes, regardless of education or experience. However, an entrance examination must be made that shows whether the participant is in charge of, for example, learning programming. The entire program is free and for living space, as well as a scholarship.

It is something different than, for example, the Dutch App Academy, a private education with the emphasis on learning programming. Apple's initiative does it in a different way. Some programming knowledge is, of course, good, but the school understands that skills such as design, communication and marketing are just as important to make an application successful.

Student Jippe Joosten is the only Dutchman among the first two hundred students: 'Before I came here, I worked at a development studio as an iOS developer. I could already program, but here you are challenged to gain experience in other areas. '

Students must enter 'challenges' of different orders, giving them the free hand to get the desired result. Support comes from mentors- the word teacher takes no one in the mouth.

Students are also encouraged to ask for help. During the training they have to work in groups on projects, but it is also good to involve someone from outside the group. For example, someone with a lot of football knowledge may be asked to think about features in a football statistics app.

'This approach helps to prepare for new situations,' says Giorgio Ventre, Technical Director of the University. 'In the IT area, business is changing rapidly. It's therefore good to think in challenges instead of just programming languages ​​so you can quickly customize. '

Joosten attaches him to: 'Here I'm learning apps for Apple devices, but that's just the programming language. I can easily learn a new language, but everything about what I'm learning here now, for example, how to present my idea for an app, I'm just taking along. '

Meanwhile, the first lighting students are almost ready. Six of the groups have already decided to really publish their app, including Joosten's.

In the meantime, the registration for the second round has already been opened. This closes May 31, and Ventre hopes that more people from outside Italy will register, as the current group is about 90% from the country. 'The goal is to make the distribution of Italy-EU about 50/50. '

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