'Another 2 members Bende van Nijvel known'

World October 23, 2017 08:45

brussels - After 'De Reus' the identity of still two members of the gang of Nijvel will be announced. That says the well-law attorney Jef Vermassen. 'Those names are known to the court.'

Last week, Vermassen already indicated that the authorities know more than being brought out. Since then it has been difficult. Christiaan B. said on his deathbed two years ago that he is 'The Giant', so appears. The renowned robber- and former national guardian- died in the last raid.

Then there was an urgent consultation with justice. Maybe there is a beer well open that does not know its display. 'My brother has always been safeguarded by the national guard,' said Christiaan's brother B. VTM. 'There are people who prefer not to be known. If all goes out, Belgium will be too small. '

According to Advocate Vermassen, there is a lot more to come. Justice holds information, says the lawyer. The names of other gang members are on the same page of the criminal record. 'If you're not blind and you're looking at it, you'll see it. This is a pure escape because you know that you really did not want to search. '

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