' Ankara ordered to take down plane '

' Ankara ordered to take down plane '

World November 24, 2015 13:00

amsterdam - Turkish F- 16 pilot who this morning a Russian fighter shot down in the border between his country and Syria, has been appointed in the highest military authorities in Ankara.

This is the firm conviction of General b. d. Dick Berlijn. The former Chief of Defence reports that no kite in such situations acts alone: ​​,null, When the F-16 flew beside or behind the Russian case, there was contact through a special frequency to the battle station on the ground. This is directly linked to the highest command in Turkey. From there it should be given the green light for this action. "All in all, this is a matter of a few minutes, so analyzes Berlin. He assumes that there is not without warning shot:,null, First, try to move to leave your airspace such Rus with light signals. Only when that happens and blows it does not consent to act comes from the ground, the pilot pressed the button. '' Rotzooien'Dat the downed Russian case is picked up by the Turks, according to Berlin no surprise:,null, The Turkish F-16s patrolling almost continuously along the border with Syria. And they are suspicious of foreign aircraft. Their government obviously has complained before about violations of airspace by aircraft from Russia. "The previous incidents declare according to Berlin, who himself was active for many years as a fighter pilot for the Royal Air Force, largely the hard line followed yesterday.,null, The Turks have clearly something 'is no longer with us messing around. " According to the General, who in June 1977 even if Starfighter pilot and was involved in the liberation of the hijacked train by Moluccan at The Point, the Turks are entitled to disable warplanes unsolicited invading their airspace.,null, Each country may act against intruders. One country will do so armed rather than another, but state law terms, is justified. Moreover, NATO, of which Turkey is a member, very keen on respecting the borders of the Atlantic Alliance. "

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