Animal bees play football with kittens: one kitten dies

Animal bees play football with kittens: one kitten dies

World August 5, 2018 11:24

- Flemish youths have mistreated two kittens so severely that one of the young kittens has not survived. A woman intervened and prevented the second creature from having the same fate.

This reports an animal shelter from Leuven, which has taken care of the living kitten. He got the name Pacha and was taken to the vet and then taken home by a 'dear woman'.

The two kittens, who must have been a month or three or four, were left on a playground in Leuven. There, a bunch of young people used the animals as football. This to the horror of a woman who saw everything happen. She intervened, but could not prevent the one creature from suffering from his injuries. His 'little brother' was injured and was treated with bleeding at the vet.

Social media are called upon to track down and punish the perpetrators. This is difficult according to the animal shelter, which writes that witnesses are afraid to report against the youngsters. The disgusting act has been reported to the police.

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