Angry father the cell in after clap in classroom

Angry father the cell in after clap in classroom

World July 19, 2017 12:15

singapore - A man from Singapore goes to the cell for two weeks because he tackled a nine-year-old boy hardly bothering his daughter. With this he chased a school class on the body, the newspaper The Straits Times reported on Wednesday.

The man was raging in anger in 2015 after his daughter told him that she no longer wanted to go to school because she would be bullied. He then marched into a classroom, where his child indicated the alleged pester. The father then broke out and was very close to the pupil who was so scared that he was wearing his pants. The father also prevented another child from getting help.

The judge heavily asserted that he then held a 'self-contained' speech in which he held the class that it was wrong to bully or act as a gangster. The father also showed little repentance. He said during the lawsuit that the children had learned a major life lesson. He also blamed the school because the security in his eyes could have been better.

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