Android Auto for every Android user

Android Auto for every Android user

Tech November 8, 2016 08:18

- Google is going to give everyone access to an Android device to Android Auto interface. With an update of the app is also useful if you have a car with built-in Android car entertainment system.

Google hopes the new app to improve road safety considerably. Within Android Auto continue all necessary functions of your phone or tablet available, but with an interface tailored to motorists. Due to the large buttons and the absence of all notifications the operation is much 'safer' and there is less distraction.

Apps from other developers who have been working together now with Android Auto, continue to do so into the new app according to The Verge. Waze users are out of luck, that app does not work with Android Auto. That is quite remarkable given that Waze already a considerable time is part of Google.

For iOS users, there is still nothing more than a car (or entirely new car) to purchase that supports CarPlay. Apples' in-car infotainment app only works if your iPhone or iPad is connected to a car radio with CarPlay support.

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