ANC opposition alliance fucked by monster

ANC opposition alliance fucked by monster

World August 17, 2016 18:33

johannesburg - The two main South African opposition parties join forces to ruling party ANC outside the board to keep the big cities. The left-wing populist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Wednesday promised to tolerate a minority of middle college party DA in include Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The DA was in the elections of early August in Pretoria and Johannesburg, the largest second party, but remained in the two major cities deprived of a majority. With the tacit support of the EFF the party can still form colleges. The DA and EFF are opposites, but the party of former ANC boss Julius Malema, which frontally opposes the ANC, rather assists in their own words the devil Beelzebub to a majority.

The ANC made since the end of the apartheid regime in the nineties unthreatened service in South Africa, but hegemony is cracked.
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