Americans badly insured against storm damage

Americans badly insured against storm damage

World August 28, 2017 11:30

houston - The price tag that hangs on the tropical storm Harvey is still growing every day. Estimates of material damage have now risen to around 24 billion dollars, more than 20 billion euros. The biggest problem for residents of the affected areas in Texas is that many people are not or too insecure.

Experts say that when the storm has been erased and the balance of the damage is made it will prove that an 'unusually large part of the economic damage is not covered'. Moreover, accurate estimates of the financial impact will only be possible in a few weeks. Insurers, as evidenced by an analysis, cover in most cases wind damage, but not by water. The latter is just the biggest damage station that Harvey leaves behind.

The last heavy storm that sprang the area in and around Houston, Allison in 2001, caused a loss of about $ 12 billion (10 billion). The insurance showed that only 5 billion dollars (4.2 billion euros) were covered.

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