American politician: 'Spay pedophile'

American politician: 'Spay pedophile'

World March 8, 2016 14:42

montgomery - Pedophiles who have children under the age of 12 something done, should be castrated. That finds an American politician. The state of Alabama will discuss his plan.

Twelve US states already allow pedophiles 'medical' castration. They get drugs that inhibit testosterone. Steve Hurst is too soft. He suggests 'real' for castration.

In his plan to get pedophiles get the usual imprisonment. Whenever they have served, they have to go under the knife. They pay for the surgery, as Hurst presents.

'Some say it's inhumane,' Hurst tells The Independent. 'But what is worse than child molestation? The victims have been signed for their lives. This must also happen to the perpetrators. '

Hurst has been trying since 2006 to get the legislation through. In his plan, both male and female pedophiles expect castration.

Republican receives approval from the academic community. Frederick Berlin, founder of a clinic for sexual disorders at Johns Hopkins University, said the medical treatments are not enough. 'Some offenders have no sexual urges,' he says. 'They have mental problems. The testosterone inhibitors do not work. '

Alabama will soon discuss the Bill Hurst.

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