AMC expands emergency off

AMC expands emergency off

World November 26, 2016 08:03

- The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, plans to expand capacity at the emergency room. That says Marcel Levi, Chairman of the Board of Directors. In recent years was just reduced first aid, but the influx has been so great that the department may have to close for several hours.

That reports Het Parool. The reason that the first aid is visited more and more crowded, is the increase in the number of frail elderly. ' The first aids in Amsterdam are really overwhelmed by old people, which actually is not an alternative to, '' said Levi. Seniors should always stay at home longer, but a safety net for when things go wrong, there is not actually. so these people will soon end up in the hospital.

Hospitals moved earlier in The Hague at the bell, but with little result. Hospitals are not sufficiently helped the problems to cope, says Levi.

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