Also Google does not want racist Daily Stormer

Also Google does not want racist Daily Stormer

World August 14, 2017 22:33

toronto - The domain registration of the Neonazist website, Daily Stormer, has been withdrawn by two major providers within 24 hours. As a result, the high-speed exhaust valve threatens to disappear from the Internet.

GoDaddy refused the site for white racists, associated with the alt-right movement, Sunday evening being longer for service due to violation of the rules. On Monday, Google decided to follow that example and reject the Daily Stormer for the same reason.

That was announced a few hours after the transfer was accepted via the fast online registration that the company advertises. 'We do not want to encourage violence with our services,' said a spokesperson. It is not clear when the site goes to black with Google.

The private company Cloudfare did not want to say whether they continue to provide internet service to the neonazi, who assisted in organizing the extreme right-wing event in Charlottesville. Well, the company acknowledged the content of some of these sites to be reprehensible.

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