Almost dead by biting baby spider

Almost dead by biting baby spider

World September 18, 2017 11:24

arkansas - A 29-year-old woman is almost deceased after a bite at home by a tiny spin. Initially she wiped the animal from her back, but shortly thereafter she fought for her life in a hospital.

In the end, Claressa Coleman lay in hospital for a month. At that time her body swelled all the way up and reached 12 kilos. For a few days she had convulsions every five minutes and threatened to completely expel her kidneys.

The Arkansas woman initially thought that she was taken to sleep by a mosquito sleeping next to her husband in bed. After a number of blood tests, a violin spider appeared to be an offender. Claressa was allergic to poison.

The 29-year-old employee of a company's customer service department has sustained kidney damage caused by the bite. The family has gotten deep into debt to pay her treatment and a crowdfunding action has begun.

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