Albanians are now flying to England

World July 31, 2017 10:00

london - England raises alarms about Albanians fleeing from the Netherlands, among other things, in tiny airplanes.

In the past, at least three pilots have been caught. For example, in an 8-person plane, no less than fourteen Albanians were crammed. Among them three children.

The passengers paid over a thousand euros each, the Sun writes.

Justice in England is currently monitoring 30 small landing lanes in the south-east.

The flow is increasing since the controls in Calais have been further expanded. Illegal lifting of lorries is now virtually impossible.

Albanians prefer to pay a thousand euros with the 'guarantee' that they land in England than to wait weeks for a chance to jump on a truck.

Apart from the Netherlands, there are also flags from Belgium, Germany and France.

Recently, two British pilots attempted to rise from Calais airport, sentenced to thirty months of cell.

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