Albanian hero saves lives by bombing

Albanian hero saves lives by bombing

World November 28, 2015 10:57

- Even though all eyes are on Paris since the attacks Friday, Thursday Lebanon was rocked by a double attack that certainly were 37 deaths. Without a hero Adel Termos had there been many more.

Thermos was Thursday with his daughter in the Lebanese capital Beirut, then IS there committed the first of two suicide bombers. While many people ran to the scene of the accident, Adel from a corner of his eye saw walking a second suicide bomber toward the crowd. He changed his mind for a moment, walked on the terrorist down and tackled him making the bomb went off. If he had not done this, the number of victims was probably much higher.

Adel has not survived his heroic deed. How his daughter is coming to is unclear. According to some sources, she survived the explosion, other sources say she was killed.

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