Airbnb sued for hidden camera

Airbnb sued for hidden camera

Tech December 17, 2015 22:26

- A German woman through Airbnb apartment in an American was staying said to have been filmed by a hidden camera as she walked naked through the house. The woman complains Airbnb well as the landlords of the property.

The prosecutor, Yvonne Schumacher, says her partner the camera finally saw between several candlesticks. Because of his background in IT, he would have seen immediately that the camera was on, fully worked and could see the whole living room because of the wide viewing angle.

Schumacher says always without sleep and clothes several times during the night to have walked naked through the living room on his way to the toilet. Although there was a toilet adjacent to the bedroom, this would have been too dirty to use. Schumacher says afraid to be that naked pictures of her in electronic form exist which could appear on the Internet or in other media.

She says to be ashamed that her private conversations with partner Kevin Stockton were tapped. Schumacher says convinced to be that landlords Fariah Hassam and Jamil Jiva heard everything. Incidentally, Schumacher does not own the apartment rented. That Stockton has done himself is not named as prosecutor.

In a first reaction, Airbnb indicated that it takes privacy matters very seriously and all landlords must abide by the laws that apply to their location, and of course have to respect the privacy of their guests.

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