Agent lets drunk woman crawl behind the wheel

World December 4, 2017 10:48

brussels - An agent forced a 21-year-old woman to take a seat at the wheel of her car to move it while she was clearly drunk. As soon as she put the keys in the contact, the servant came up with an alcohol test and let her blow.

Her driver's license was withdrawn. 'Misuse of power', the police judge ruled.

The latest news about this. The woman stepped outside after a night out in a Brussels nightlife at three o'clock at night. She went to her car 'to get some things and then to call a taxi home. 'An agent told her to put her car in a different place.' If she did not, he would have her car pulled away and there would be a hefty fine, 'says lawyer Christophe Redko.

When the woman started the engine, she had to blow. The alcohol test did not work out postitatively for the woman; her driver's license was taken. In addition, the woman was later fined 1. 800 euros and a driving ban for three months.

The 21-year-old did not leave it and fought the sentence. With success, because she was right. According to the police judge, cop had abused his power.

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