Agent in bikini works thief to the ground

Agent in bikini works thief to the ground

World July 29, 2016 17:45

- Everybody makes a judgment mistake, but the Swedish man who tried to rob a woman of her phone had been wrong really. Her friend pushed him roughly to the ground.

When the Swedish officer who was enjoying the sun in a park, noticed that her friend was robbed, Mikaela Kellner came into action. She writes on Instagram with an action photo of themselves.

It delivers spectacular picture on: Mikaela sits in bikini, on top of the thief, and he can not move. 

'I had my friends already warned that man,' she tells The Local about the man. He pretended to be a newsboy, but she felt that something was amiss. 'When my friend asked where her phone, I'm running up behind him. '

They caught him and with a friend, who is also agent, she floored him. 'He tried to get away, so when we have dealt more firmly to him,' says the brawny Swedish pride.

It probably looked quite separately, she noticed when she saw the looks of her other friends. Yet they shared the picture of herself, despite her scanty outfit on Instagram. 'I want to make others aware of how devious this kind are thieves, it may look like magicians!'



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