Agent adopts newborn baby of drug addict

World December 1, 2017 20:03

albuquerque - An agent in American Albuquerque has adopted the baby of a drug addicted woman. He found the heavily pregnant woman at a store, followed by a special conversation.

The agent saw the woman and a man sitting on the grass near a supermarket during working hours on 23 September. The two were just planning to inject heroin together.

The agent, Ryan Holets, saw that the woman was pregnant and decided to warn her. 'This way your baby will die', said Holets, who wore a bodycam.

The picture shows that the 35-year-old pregnant woman has to cry after his remark. The conversation that follows will take eleven minutes. During this conversation, the woman tells that she has been addicted since her teens and has been homeless for two years. She indicated that she hopes someone wants to adopt her baby.

The agent shows a photograph of his wife and four children- including a ten-month-old baby- and decides that he wants to adopt the child of the woman. 'It was predestined. God has brought us all together, I can not explain it any differently, 'says Holets.

In an interview with CNN, the woman who has already given birth tells that she is very grateful. 'It's not that we did not want her,' she says. 'I just want her to be safe, to have opportunities and to be loved by her. '

The Holets family gave the girl the name Hope.

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