After the turkey is hectic Black Friday

After the turkey is hectic Black Friday

World November 24, 2016 13:15

- If the words of thanks for Thanksgiving are spoken, the turkey is eaten and that slice of apple pie there still could reach, Americans are seized with rage bargains. Black Friday is called the day after Thanksgiving, because 60 percent of Americans already then go shopping for Christmas. This often provides shocking images of crowds fighting for the best deals.

Shoppers preparing for the worst, it turns out stories in US media. So squirted a woman in California in 2011 with pepper spray to drive away the crowd so they could more easily at the offers. The incident caused panic in the crowd, leaving twenty people were injured.

A man who a year later was beaten in the face during a fight on the sale, responded by pulling his semi-automatic rifle. Although he was arrested in the first place, the police found out later that he was within his rights, and he even got a voucher from the relevant store.

A woman who tried to push for Wisconsin and thereby got into an argument, threatened to shoot the crowd. She was no weapon with them, but was arrested. By the CNN she said afterwards that she was only afraid that the toys she wanted to catch her daughter would be sold after its release.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The quests for a parking space, long queues for the shops and the dense crowd forced the Americans to prepare well. For example, many people with a range of offers to buy off and immerse themselves already in advance the layout of the stores.

Google helps shoppers with a dedicated app this year, indicating real time at which locations the pressure is and how long most people stay in a store. It seems a bit of a Big Brother app, but shoppers do care a lot of stress. Who does not want any stress, may be better to wait until Monday. Then it's Cyber ​​Monday, the day also go online many items on offer.

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