Advertising World battle against AdBlocker

Advertising World battle against AdBlocker

Tech December 4, 2015 16:52

- The Dutch trade association of online advertisers IAB Netherlands actively wage war on so-called adblockers. Not by developing antidotes, but by establishing guidelines for Internet advertisers and publishers.

The purpose of the guidelines is to make advertisements generating less annoyance. So it is recommended to first make the content of the website to load and then the ads. In practice shows that many visitors to a site now waiting for the loading of advertising and meanwhile an article for example, can not read.They also call to show the same ads too often and to be cautious forms of advertising cause irritation.More and more consumers to grasp adblockers to facilitate their web experience. For example, sites that are full of achieving advertising easier and kunnne commercials for videos be beaten. However, this run publishers and publications have lost revenues. An estimated 200 million people worldwide use a AdBlocker.

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