Adele secretly streaming anyway

Adele secretly streaming anyway

Tech November 27, 2015 14:15

- Whether Spotify, Apple Music or Radio is Adele 's new album 25 is hardly reflected any streaming music service. There is one exception : via online radio service Pandora can listen to the songs.

Pandora was one of the first streaming music, but differs from competitors in a significant way : users can not decide which songs they want to listen. The service, which is not available in the Netherlands, on the basis of the music preferences of the listener's own "stations" together. Because the service is not interactive, Pandora falls in the US under regulations for radio stations. The company may also send out all the numbers which are collected in the land royalties. Other services have special deals with different record companies to enable them to determine which numbers can and can not be streamed. And so 25 of Adele and Taylor Swift albums example, told completely through Pandora. Users will only have to have patience, because the numbers they can not place himself in a playlist....

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