Addicted to mobile at the wheel

Addicted to mobile at the wheel

Tech November 4, 2016 08:03

amsterdam - Everyone knows that it is dangerous and yet many people do it: use their phones behind the wheel. Who append driving causes an accident, turns itself for the costs. And anyway it is an accident a specter. Why let drivers are still so distracted by their mobile? 'We all feel that it should be able to do,' says traffic psychologist Gerard Tertoolen.

'The chance that you're involved in an accident is small. And so you do it again next time. The danger is underestimated. ' '

One factor is that people expect to get quick response to reports he continues. 'The mentality of responding immediately is strong. We are also a bit addicted, each beep indicates an adrenaline rush. '

Herm Kisjes treats people with problems with social media and smartphones, and wrote a book about it. 'The phone is a very attractive thing,' he says. 'In contact with others makes you feel good because you belong. That continues in the bedroom, while eating, during interviews and in the car. '

Traffic Psychologist Tertoolen calls for a revision of the regulations, so it is forbidden to use the phone stationary in traffic jams or at traffic lights. 'Rear-end collisions occur largely through the use of mobile phones. Drivers do not pay attention to and with their minds more often than their messages with traffic. '

The problem is that it is normally found, says the psychologist. 'We would have to appeal more to one another, and phone usage must reject in the car. And devices that ensure that you only use your phone in hands-free mode, such as the Safe Drive Pod, I think a good start. '

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