Addicted kangaroos attack tourists

Addicted kangaroos attack tourists

World May 2, 2018 12:09

- Kangaroos with sugar addiction regularly attract tourists in eastern Australia. That is what local media reports on Wednesday. They have become accustomed to all the goodies they are getting and can get very aggressive when they see something tasty.

Every year, thousands of Sydney tourists travel by train to Morisset. There you can see kangaroos grazing. Although signs are warned not to feed animals, many people do not stick to this.

For example, tourists try to lure the kangaroos with bananas, bread, chips, carrots and biscuits. Sometimes food from McDonald's is used. This leads to animals getting used to the unnatural food for them. Normally they eat grass, now more and more 'junk food'.

From experience, the students have learned that tourists often have something tasty with them, explains the Australian animal caretaker Andrew Daly to the Australian ABC. 'If they see a root and they have received a root from hundreds of times, they will go to the people themselves and take the root. '

The kangaroos can be very aggressive in this respect, according to Shane Lewis, who drives tourists every day with his shuttle service. According to Lewis, people are 'pushed and scratched' every day. On his Facebook page he has posted some photos of injured tourists to warn future visitors.

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