Activists film chicken disease in Flanders

Activists film chicken disease in Flanders

World March 13, 2018 10:57

brussels - Animal activists from Gaia secretly have made video images (see below) of the living conditions of broiler chickens in six large poultry farms in Flanders. Angrily, says the organization. According to Gaia, even the minimum legal standards are not met.

Gaia accuses supermarket chains of complicity in the abuses. Because they offer chicken meat at 'absurdly low prices', these supermarkets work on organized animal suffering 'on a disgustingly large scale' and industrial chicken exploitation, according to the organization.

The images of creeping and crippled chickens with ulcers, blisters and wounds were made between October and December 2017. The filmed practices would be representative of the entire industry. 'The sector uses an endlessly bred chicken breed- the flock chicken- intended to produce as much meat as possible in the shortest possible time. '

According to Gaia, the Belgian 'quality label' Belplume is a 'joke.' '' The current industrial production method of chicken meat is a real disaster for the welfare of 300 million Belgian broiler chickens and causes the animals to suffer unacceptably. '

Note: the images can be experienced as shocking.

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