ACM research to FOX

ACM research to FOX

Tech July 27, 2016 15:09

- With his claim that Fox Sports 1 is part of the basic package, FOX possible acts contrary to the agreements made in 2012 with the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). The regulator therefore launched an investigation.

FOX struggling in the Netherlands with big losses and wants to make up with a station that can be received by anyone. Before that telecom providers have to pay about 2 euros per customer. The requirement leads to great anger in the telecom industry.

Four companies, including KPN and Tele2, stepped to the ACM. They consider that the conditions FOX presents to them, ensure a level playing field. Ziggo has the next four years include another old contract and is thus not forced to take on a station in the basic fee.
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ACM sees reason in the complaints of the providers in order to launch an investigation, she announced this afternoon. 'In 2012, we agreed with FOX that it must treat every customer equally. We will investigate whether that is still the case. '

The complainants also receive support from unexpected sources. Ziggo competitor, which is not affected by the strong demand from FOX, concurs on their side. 'FOX wants to pay Dutch consumers for the losses that make it,' judge a company spokesman told this newspaper. 'That is too crazy for words. '

FOX from any harm announced yesterday in a comment to be aware. The company proposes to confront all customers with the same conditions.


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