Abdeslam showered with letters

Abdeslam showered with letters

World September 30, 2016 15:21

- Terror Suspect Salah Abdeslam, who is suspected of involvement in the attacks in Paris where 130 killed in fall, is showered with letters in prison. 'I want to get to know the man you really are,' writes including the 24-year-old Jenny from Germany.

Reported De Limburger. ' I do not care what others think. I have my own opinion and I believe that I am doing the right thing, 'Jenny writes in her letter to Abdeslam. ' I just want for you and your thoughts resist the stress that you go through. It does not care what others think. I have my own opinion and I believe that I do the right chair. Know that there is a woman who wants to help you and you want to support. Never give up, 'she concludes her letter.

It is a known phenomenon: women writing convicts and murder suspects letters. Another letter writer, Loreen, also coming writes from Germany: ' Even though I do not like what you've done, there are always innocent people at the wrong time in the wrong place, but I still felt the need to write to you. (...) I look into your eyes and I think you're alone. 'She closes her letter with 'lots of love' and a picture of her passport.

Abdeslam also get another kind of post, including a retired man who sees himself as a victim of the attacks in Brussels. He was physically a victim of the attacks, but there 'inconvenience' of encountered. He sends Abdeslam a bill of 97.05 euros, including receipt. ' As a pensioner count every euro. '

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