AA: French petrol shortage for days noticeable

AA: French petrol shortage for days noticeable

World May 27, 2016 16:51

- The fuel shortage at petrol stations in France will continue for days noticeable after buckling of the most fuel depots. AA reports that in response to the removal of barriers raised by protesters Friday.

It is unclear, according to the AA when the supply of the sold gas stations can be resumed. Nor is it known what the reaction of the protesters will be and whether possible new barriers are raised.

According to the AA, the fuel shortage around the French cities of Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Brest and Nantes still 'dire'. Particularly diesel drivers have carefully prepared a car trip to or through France, warns the union. That means fuel where it can not continue on an almost empty tank.
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Of the 10. 245 service stations in France are there under a special overview 5358 in whole or in part without fuel, or 52.3 percent. Paris (88 percent of the stations) and Nantes (87 percent) petrol and diesel sold or rationed. Along autoroutes, the situation is slightly better, but there are problems.

The ANWB Emergency Centre in Lyon reported Friday lineup of three kilometers at the pump in Marseille. The same image can also be seen around Toulouse.

At the Emergency Centre reported themselves some Dutch motorists stalled with an empty tank. Which can hardly help the ANWB, the spokesman said. The car is, after all, not much.

The logistics sector reported no major problems in France. According to Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN) traffic encounter between Belgium and Great Britain are not affected and no major difficulties in getting to and from France. Organizations EVO does have received questions from members. It is difficult to give advice according to EVO.,, With a load drive to France succeeds, but come back to the Netherlands can be a risk. That is a consideration that should make transport itself, '' said a spokesman for EVO.

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