90 percent of companies have their own website

90 percent of companies have their own website

Tech October 28, 2015 19:30

- Of Dutch companies with ten or more employees 90 percent have their own website. In 35 percent of companies allow customers to order online, book or reserve. Also refer more and more on their website to social media in which they are active.

This was reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics Wednesday.

Online ordering has mostly boomed in the tourism sector. Nearly 90 percent of the providers of overnight accommodation and travel companies offers opportunities to book online or make a reservation.

social media

Social media, according to the CBS quickly become popular communication tool for businesses. This year, 63 percent of companies used at least one form of social media. In 2012 this was still 41 percent. Popular networks are Facebook and LinkedIn. Leaders are companies in the information and communications industry. 85 percent of this sector uses social media. The same goes for the tourist industry.

Posting on Twitter and share videos and photos using YouTube among others are also popular at many companies, sought out the CBS.

The transport industry and construction companies make the least use of social media into their business.

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