9 out of 10 Antwerp students reject multiple bed partners

9 out of 10 Antwerp students reject multiple bed partners

World May 8, 2018 20:00

antwerp - A monogamous relationship or multiple sex partners? Belgian students have a clear preference. Forget about the cliché of the licentious student: according to recent research, more than nine out of ten students of the University of Antwerp have a strong preference for monogamy, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

More than 800 students were questioned according to an innovative method. A team of Professor Chris Kenyon of the Institute of Tropical Medicine studied sexual networks and how they influence the spread of HIV and other STDs.

'Right to ask the man or woman about sexual preferences is not a reliable method, as research has already shown. It is still taboo for most people to say that they are happy to have multiple sex partners. Others are not even aware of their attitude. '

The researchers therefore opted for a so-called 'Implicit Association Test. 'These online questionnaires look at implicit relationships that people make, without being specifically asked to think about a particular issue. Eventually, 92.3 percent of the students indicated an implicit preference for monogamy.

The researchers also compared the questionnaire with implicit preferences with the answers that the students gave when they were explicitly asked how they looked at monogamy and multiple sex partners. Students also clearly opted for monogamy in the explicit questionnaire.

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