60,000 signatures for referendum drainage law

60,000 signatures for referendum drainage law

Tech September 17, 2017 06:21

the hague - People who want a referendum on the new drainage act have now taken over 60,000 signatures. In order to enforce the consultative parliamentary consultation, it must have signed 300,000 people before 16 October.

'We have good hope that those 300,000 valid signatures arrive on time,' says co-initiator Tijn de Vos. 'We notice that people who have drawn motivate others to sign too. '

The Cabinet and the Lower House want the intelligence services to gain more access to information. This is mainly data from telephone, e-mail and internet traffic. Opponents are afraid of a tow network that will help the AIVD and MIVD gather more information than necessary, including communication by innocent citizens.

Therefore, the critics want a consultative referendum on the wiping act, which is called the Intelligence and Security Services (Wiv).

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