'588 children away from Gülenscholen '

'588 children away from Gülenscholen '

World September 8, 2016 06:18

amsterdam - Of the nine schools that are considered 'Gülenscholen 'in recent weeks, 588 students are issued. That is a fifth of the total school population, according to research of Allegiance.

The dome of primary schools, the perioperative Council is concerned about the continuity of education for the students. For not all kids is another school regularly, especially 76 primary school students still sitting at home.,, So many students who opt out, in such a short time and that in many schools at once: it has never happened before, 'said a spokesman for the PO-Raad against the newspaper.

It involves schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Zaandam, Purmerend and Arnhem- seven elementary schools and two middle schools. Which are associated with the controversial preacher Fethullah Gulen.
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