3 Essential Tips for Windows 10

3 Essential Tips for Windows 10

Tech December 30, 2015 15:00

- If you use Windows 10 and everything is working properly, you may be less inclined to dive into the settings. In this article you read what settings you should check to later not to get into trouble and to continue working smoothly.

         Step 1: Synchronize Windows 10 has a synchronization feature onboard. This operating system settings are stored in your Microsoft account. If you have several computers, for example, you automatically work anywhere with the same bookmarks, passwords and desktop background. The parts that you want to sync, you can set yourself. Go via your Start menu to Settings / Accounts / Sync your settings. Even if you do not have a second computer, synchronization option is useful. If you ever buy a new laptop or PC, you move from your current computer settings automatically to the new. To use sync, you must be signed in with a Microsoft account. In Settings / Accounts / Account you can link an existing account or create a new account. Step 2: SysteemherstelOp when your computer fails to boot properly, there is some recovery capabilities. If you do not have backups (and most people do not) create a restore point to restore the only lifesaver. Therefore ensure that this feature works correctly. Open the settings for Windows 10 on your Start menu (or Windows key + I). Enter the query create a restore point. You can see an overview of your drive letters. Behind the drive letter is the status Off or On. In the latter case, everything is fine. If the safety net is off, click Enable Configuration / System. Repeat for all drive letters. Step 3: Windows UpdatesAls is good, your operating system is updated automatically via Windows Update. Partly because keeping your system safe operation, especially when problems are found in the future. It's good to know how to check for updates manually, or you will be picked up and properly applied. Go to the Windows 10 settings and open settings for Windows Update via the search function. Click Check for updates to see if your system is completely up to date. Under Advanced options let you specify how (and when) to enter the updates. Make sure the option recovery point protection is active, because this may be your only salvation when suddenly your computer unbootable. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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