2016 in video games

2016 in video games

Tech December 14, 2016 14:45

- What were the most memorable games of 2016? The Digital-editor shares the titles that have made the greatest impression.

The selection of Toke Beerens

Ten years we have to wait for Final Fantasy XV, but that was more than worth it. What starts as an innocent road trip from Prince Noctis and his friends, culminates in an attempt to save his kingdom. Perfect is the game, but the mutual camaraderie, many side missions and make driving fun on the chocobo's too addictive to be able to put down the controller.

Actually had treasure hunter Nathan Drake his Indiana Jones-style adventures behind him, but for his lost brother Sam, he is once more on the road. Half the world they travel to find the legendary treasure of the pirate Henry Avery. It's probably the last time we met the charming Drake started may, so we enjoy it just as it.

Alongside big names also appear annually appropriate independent titles. The Witness consists of a colorful island full of puzzles. It begins fairly simple, but at crunch time, the brain will considerably. Although I think the great puzzles, I was literally sick of the game due to motion sickness. There has been an update that should fix this problem.

The end of the Wii is in sight. In March the new Nintendo Console Switch already in stores. It is to see the store shelves well that it does not go well with the old console. The number of great new titles can be counted on one hand. Paper Mario: Color Splash is definitely one of them. The game is a good combination of excitement, fun and humor.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Late Shift is not really a game, but is again not a normal movie. You get to see movies in which a security guard of a parking garage is involved in a robbery. As a player you always decide what decision he then takes. It is possible to prevent him from going on the wrong path, but the game quickly. There are seven different endings.

The selection of Rolf Venema

As a game developer Ubisoft to launch a completely new game series a peculiar tactic: it launches first game with interesting concepts but where there just is not much fun to do, and brings the sequel really a blast. It did this with Assassin's Creed and Red Steel, and it does so now with Watchdogs 2. The game gives players still have the ability to get everything nailed down hack, but the story is not very serious and the characters are not to whine so annoying. Watchdogs 2, the promise of the first part.

It should by now be aware that games really are not only more aggressive shooting festivals. This year underlined That Dragon, Cancer that again twice over. In this game you make- often in an abstract way- with what it's like to have a child suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. The heartbreaking and true story just comes extra hard because a game is an interactive medium. Only in real life, sometimes you can not win, no matter how well you do your best too. And in a medium in which we are accustomed to winning, that's a remarkable feeling.

Mobile games usually swim a bit in the huge flood of games that appear in app stores every day. But Phoenix II, by the Hague Firi Games, deserves a mention. Phoenix II is a so-called 'bullet hell' shooter where you are on a boat hundreds- no dodging thousands of bullets and enemies should pop down to each day to get to the end of the level. The game is easy to control via the touch screen and every day, you get a new level where you have to finish in the rankings as high as possible. An old Dutch bang!

It could have been so beautiful... No Man's Sky promised an almost infinite universe to explore, almost randomly assembled that no player would encounter the same planet. Unfortunately, that was not entirely true on many levels. The building blocks with which the planets are composed, are quite limited. So although you never see exactly the same planets, but parts of it come soon very familiar. In addition, the game was just a bit boring: little fly, collect resources and continue flying. Patched tries developer Hello Games was putting some brighten up, but the mediocre first impression remains suspended.

Imagine you're in an X-Wing in a universe far, far away and you can pop out of the sky Tie Fighters. Well, do but with proposals, because if you have a PlayStation VR goggles, you can (almost) real experience. This free expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront is in fact a great experience for the Star Wars fans among us. It is indescribable cool to finally agree to make many a nerd all from childhood dreamed of. Now a real game with this technique, because I also sometimes a Tie Fighter or B-Wing look inside...

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