2016 in Gadgets

2016 in Gadgets

Tech December 14, 2016 14:33

- The Digital-editor looks back on 2016 and select the most talked about gadgets that have appeared this year.

The selection of Toke Beerens

It looks like it getting busier around us is. The noise-canceling headphones from Sony close the sound of people talking, aircraft engines and public transportation outside. An additional advantage of the MDR-1000X is that long do not have to put so much music, because you does not have to drown out ambient noise, which creates a lot of rest.

Nowadays you see walking around at a glance whether someone with a fitness band. The Misfit Ray is better disguised. The technology of fitness tracker is hiding in a stainless steel tube where you cute straps can create fixed or a chain. No one who has noticed that you're wearing a fitness band. In the app you can see your daily progress.

Smartphones are called little more exciting. Every year, new models, but with surprising innovations is actually no more. Motorola brings veteran under the new parent company Lenovo Moto Z with the so-called Mods. This modular attachments, click on the smartphone, allowing you to transform the device into a camera (in collaboration with Hasselblat), projector or speakers.

Setting up a home network is not easy for most people. Netgear Orbi take the work off your hands. Follow the simple instructions, place the two routers in the home and a child can do laundry. With this new product is Netgear ahead of the competition, which are similar routers next year.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Where Samsung suffered a huge setback this year, Huawei continues to rise above themselves. The P9 and Mate 9 have excellent specifications (as they are both equipped with a dual camera from Leica), but with a lower price tag than the competition. With a Huawei nowadays you can just be seen.

The selection of Rolf Venema

Wireless earbuds or headphones are the future. No hassle with cables, the quality has been good, but there is still one big downside: the use with multiple devices at the same time is really a hell. Unlink, re-link again: it's messing menus and it all takes too long. The AirPods you only have to connect once if you're an Apple user. Then you can select them directly from any iPhone, iPad or Mac when you are logged in with your Apple profile. Really easy, so. And they sound good too!

Ok, Logitech has been a few years PC accessories in which RGB LEDs are processed with which you can change entire office into a disco, but this year it's all just within reach for those with a smaller budget because the Prodigy series. The question is: what to add that that Christmas lights? Surprisingly well! While playing include Mafia III or Grand Theft Auto V does enlightenment along with the game. Is the police, for example behind you, then waving the blue-red on your keyboard, mouse and even headphones. A very nice effect, which adds more than I had expected.

How much money is a top-reading experience your worth? Almost 300 euros? Then you need to buy a Kindle Oasis. This e-reader has a topscherm, great design and the battery lasts months. But yeah, € 289 is a lot of money for a gadget that you really only one thing can bring. That does not mean that it is a wonderful device.

People at the end of the 80s were children and many of the NES played, can now do this again in miniature. Literally, even, for the NES Classic Mini is a tiny version of the real NES. You can therefore no cartridges in stabbing, but the device comes with 30 classic games for the platform. But it is still the games you want, like Super Mario 1, 2 and 3, Mega Man 2. And while you can connect it properly with HDMI to any modern TV. For six bucks a nice 'trip down memory lane!

The HoloLens is not really a product for the masses, but Microsoft's augmented reality glasses are already available to developers, so I throw it anyway on the list. Especially since this cool gadget gives a glimpse into the future. With the glasses on, you can see virtual objects in the real world. Thanks to special cameras and sophisticated software also remain 'stuck' in the places where you put them, which gives a fairly unreal feeling. It remains to improve a few things, but it is a very promising technique that maybe virtual reality sometimes can surpass.

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