2016 7 Internet trends

2016 7 Internet trends

Tech December 29, 2016 16:39

- Challenges, hilarious memes and videos. This was in 2016 in seven trends that took over the Internet.

We kick off with some challenges. \u0026 Nbsp;

YouTube has a large number of make-up gurus this year massively video recordings in which they were 100 product aanbrachten on their face. The 100-layer challenge.

Mannequin ChallengeNog not so long ago surfaced about videos of groups of people who stood stock-still. Fashion Model Challenge. \u0026 Nbsp; Schoolchildren, athletes, and American presenter James Corden, everyone did participate. The latter, always poking a challenge, there was a lot of work. \u0026 Nbsp;


Bottle FlipDe next in the list is something with bottles and throw them as the air they arrive back upright. The target? Unfamiliar! Entertaining it was.

\u0026 Nbsp;

Pokemon God hype of summer. Virtually every smartphone owner went out to catch Pikachu or Ditto Zubat. Childhood dreams were revived, crowds took to the streets and public buildings were harassed for Pokeballs and potions.

Chewbacca MomDeze cheerful mother conquered the Internet and our hearts when she put her Chewbacca mask.

\u0026 Nbsp;

Chihuahua or muffin? Collage full of animals.. or cookies or bread or whatever. The question was whether you could tell the difference?

We conclude with the Dab. This move that spilled over from the United States in the Netherlands was only really known when our own king'm doing. \u0026 Nbsp;

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