20,000 people for 400 houses in Haarlem

20,000 people for 400 houses in Haarlem

World June 12, 2017 11:39

haarlem - There is now so little offer of properties for sale that it is almost impossible to find something in a city like Haarlem.

20,000 people are looking intensive for a house in Haarlem, with only 400 for sale. According to real estate agency Menno Monch, 3,000 housing seekers have an income of around 40,000 euros. They can borrow up to two tonnes. For them there are 62 apartments and one house on the market.

Rents under 750 euros are not available, just over 1000 euros there are a few houses available. The scarcity only increases, according to the broker in the Haarlem newspaper. There are also few new construction plans.

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